Road Of Puppetry

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Unima Congress

The 21st UNIMA Congress & World puppetry Festival
Chengdu, China from May 27th to June 3rd, 2012.

To display excellent culture elements, to lead art innovation, to initiate an art gala for citizens, to build a platform for exchange and friendship, and to realize the aims and means of UNIMA. We hope to make the event international, multi-cultured, widely-participated, interactional, and entertaining.

Theme: Artery
For thousands of years, traditions, like the artery of cultures, have nourished our hearts, irrigated the flower of arts, and created the glorious civilizations of the world, and will continue to realize a brighter and more colorful future for human beings.

Inheritance, innovation, exchange, and development. The platform is a combine of professional and amateur performances, improvement and popularization, performance and research, inheritance and innovation, products and marketing, as well as traditional arts and new technology ideas, integrating performances, exhibitions, marketing, teaching and learning.
Different artistic styles and distinctive regional characteristics of performances around the world demonstrate the artistic vitality of shadow puppetry that could beyond the national borders and language barriers.

Number of performers and performances:
We will invite about 60 troupes (more than two thirds will be foreign ones), which will offer 180 performances altogether during the festival.

Activities included:
Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Performances, exhibitions, forums, lectures, product promotions, awards, etc.

For UNIMA Congress participants:
International air tickets costs and other traveling expenses, accommodations in Chengdu and Congress registration fees should be borne by the participants. All registered participants will be provided with meals, beverage and cookies for tea breaks, transportation within Chengdu (including airport pickup), and tickets for the festival, museums, and the Panda Base.

For performing troupes:
International air tickets costs, other travelling expenses and shipping costs of performance facilities should be borne by your side. For each troupe (no more than ten people) the Organizing Committee will pay for the costs of meals, accommodations, and transportation within Chengdu (including airport pickup), and tickets for the festival, museums, and the Panda Base. According to the duration of the performance, the Organizing Committee will also pay RMB2000-3000yuan for each show.

We deeply believe that this Congress and Festival will enhance our understanding, friendship, and cooperation, and make puppetry more influential globally.